Program Files

We are now offering our mentoring programs as electronic files in order to keep our programs up-to-date and relevant to today’s youth. You will need to download all three books for each program.

Training Manual

The Training Manual is for adult facilitators, teachers, and community members to use when conducting a youth mentor training course.

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Mentor's Workbook

The Mentor’s Workbook is essential for the training course. It has been created specifically for the youth mentoring course. Inside, the mentors will find the necessary background information, worksheets and course information that they will follow during the training course. There is ample note-taking space included to ensure that everything learned through group discussions, role-plays and activities can be recorded in this workbook. Upon completion of the training course, mentors will keep the workbook as a reference to assist with preparation for the day to day lesson plans each mentoring program offers.

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Mentor's Guide

The Mentor’s Guide is the complete mentoring book filled with outlines, conversation starters, activities and ideas for each major topic. Mentors will use the Guide to plan sessions and deliver the mentoring programs in their community.

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Heart-to-Heart Training Manual

Heart-to-Heart Workbook

Heart-to-Heart Mentor's Guide